The USPTO Registered Logo Badge of the Medical Marijuana Initiative of North America - International Limited, an Arizona Benefit Corporation to the left of Mt Hood sunlit from the northwest in June followed by the proprietary MMINAIL octocopter delivery bot.

Liquid Wrappers

Welcome! This is the Liquid Wrappers page of the MMINAIL.

Note. This page has explicit access to the local jQuery library as well as a local complimentary working (.js) file.

More to come ...

Two Ways To Highlight Code

Here are two methods to highlight a code block when invoking the Jekyll server inside an Html 5 page.

The first way uses a 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper, as follows:


A 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper utilizes two sets of braces ... One, a set of external {...} curly braces, the other a set of internal %...% percentage braces.

Nested together, they form a 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper.

Using the following YAML commands, a 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper can be coax'd to render a highlighted code block.

  • Highlight the block ➡️ highlight,
  • Declare the language ➡️ css,
  • Enable/Disable Line Numbers ➡️ linenos

As follows:

{% highlight css linenos %}
/* A block of code ...
	Placed Inside a Liquid Wrapper */
{% endhighlight %}

Live Rendition: Highlighting a Liquid Tag Markup Wrapper

Here is an example of a live rendition of a 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper in action ...

The following highlighted multi-line 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper is set to the language of css w line numbers enabled.

/* Css Code Block ...
	Placed Inside a Liquid Wrapper */
@font-face {
	font-family: 'Eurostyle';

Highlighting a Code n Pre Block

The second method to highlight code uses a standard 'Html 5' <pre> block wrapped inside a set of inline <code> blocks.

Here is a multi-line <pre> block enveloped in two inline <code> blocks ... One north y one south.

Start Instructions Here ...
Code Block w White    Space
	y Indents Preserved
Finish Instructions Here.

Else if Logic Statements

You may also use a 'Liquid Tag Markup' wrapper to render Else if Logical Code Statments, as follows:

'Liquid Tag Markup' Wrapper Template For Else if Statement

{% if %}
<span>{{ ... }}</span>
{% elsif %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}

How To Set Up A For Loop Using Liquid Tag Markup And Liquid Output In Jekyll

Note. This example will display the name of each element within an array.

For Loop Template

{% for element in page.array %}
;where the array and its elements are listed in the front matter section of the page
<li>{{ element }}</li>
{% endfor %}

YAML Front Matter

Similar to the front matter area of a cshtml page, the Liquid templating language allows for the declaration of variables and arrays via the YAML language in the front matter section of the page.

The front matter section of a page is located at the very top of the page situated between a set of triple dash, or ---.

In this example, we will be placing a cupcakes array populated with a set of five (5) cupcake within the front matter section of the page ie.) at the top of the page ...

And, then rendering the names of each cupcake to the screen using an unordered list.

It's as simple as A, B, C ...!

Setting The Array

  1. Set up the liquid array of cupcakes in the front matter of the page. Be sure to use triple dash, or --- to partition the front matter area, as follows:

- chocolate
- lemon
- strawberry
- blueberry
- vanilla

Note. When constructing a brief array using the Liquid templating language, a JSON-like (YAML) semi-colon separates the name of the array from the names of each element within the array.

In addition, notice also the use of a single pre-fixing dash symbol, or - when declaring each element of the array.

Liquid For Loop #1

We will now use a Liquid For Loop to extract and display the cupcake names from the array by ...

  1. Programmatically iterating over each element of the array,
  • And by,
  1. Outputing the variable cupcake at each iteration of the loop.

As follows:

{% for cupcake in page.cupcakes %}
;where the array cupcakes 
	and the elements cupcake
		are declared in the front matter of the page
<li>{{ cupcake }}</li>
{% endfor %}

The Array Rendering

When the page is refreshed, the names of the cupcakes now appear in the following unordered list ...

  • chocolate
  • lemon
  • strawberry
  • blueberry
  • vanilla


Supporting Content Small The Flammarion Logo Badge Small The Flammarion Logo Badge

Welcome! This is the Supporting Content section for the Liquid Wrappers page of the MMINAIL.

The Concept Library of the MMINAIL is a static informational website.

As such, a Supporting Content section is placed below each (.html) page in the flow of the default layout to grant the end-user additional pertinent information when navigating this site.

E Books

With today's explosion of modern devices ...

Some consumers like to read their articles on their Kindles or iPads.

Therefore, a method to convert any page of this website into an eBook ...

Is auto-built into the top of the Navigation <aside> ...

As well as in the <footer> of every page.

Dot ePub

Simply click the following eBook icon = small dot epub button eBook icon to render the current page as an Overdrive (.epub) or a FB Reader (.mobi) .

Note. The Apple iBooks platform also reads and displays the (.epub) format, as well.

Secure Hyperlinks

The A's Have It!

In today's complicated world of coding, even the use of the standard hyperlink ...

<a href="" title="" target=""></a>

Is placed into question by the standards of newer, more modern browsers such as Google's V8 powered Chrome browser.

Safe Internal Links

Therefore, to make life easy for the end-user ...

The MMINAIL will show safe, internal links in the bootstrap default color of light dodger blue.

Safe External Links

In addition, safe external links ...

When designated https secure ie.) https://.

Will also be shown in the color of light dodger blue.

Standard External Links

All other external links ...

If designated with standard http ie.) http:// ...

Will be shown in the color of indian red.

How To Navigate This Website

At this website ...

We have the <html> hub for the Benefit Corp aka our Concepts Library.

You (Usted), as a current visitor to our Concepts Library, are now at the Liquid Wrappers page.

Navigation Aside

In the Navigation <aside> section of this website ...  ...

The end-user will find a Stack of Topics.

Or, for you smartphone users ... the Navigation <aside> section is up! ...  

There, the smartphone user will find the same Stack of Topics for the Concepts Library at MMINAIL.

Stack O Topics

The Navigation <aside> section to your right ... ... If you are viewing this page from the traditional landscape style of your laptop.

Or, the Navigation <aside> section from above ... ... If you are viewing this page from the modern portrait style of your smartphone ...

Both house the same Stack of Topics available for selection at the Concepts Library of the MMINAIL.

Instruction Set

To access one of the Articles or Lessons available for your preferred Topic of Interest ...

  • Simply scroll through the tabs of Topics above, or to the side ...

  • And, click on one that you may have an interest in.

Back Home

Note. At each Topic of Interest, the end-user will find a hyperlink back to the Home page of the Concepts Library.

By clicking on the Home icon   the end-user will be returned to the Home page of the Concepts Library.


When an end-user clicks on a Topic of Interest ...

Either above  ...

Or, over at  ...

The Stack of Topics in the Navigation <aside> section ...

The menu explodes vertically to reveal several subtopical choices.

To select any other Topic of Interest, or any of the many subtitles ...

  • Simply click on the corresponding glyphicon to open up the referenced file.


If you get stuck ...

  • Simply click on the Home icon   to be hyperlinked back to the Home page of the Concepts Library.

Got An Idea?

If you have an idea that will spruce this site up even better than it already is ...

Then, you know the drill ...

Simply go ahead and fork this repo, make your changes, and send us a pull request.

25 Mile Rule

"When residing 25 miles extant of a state legalized dispensary ..."

Spanning the entire connectome of the modern Medical Marijuana Initiative in a connective cartography of ideas and hyperlinks ...

The open source authors of this project hope to enlighten the world to the plight of the common medical patient.


Due to a labyrinth of government regulations and costs ...

Today's common medical patient is virtually devoid of healing phyto-cannabinoids and other beneficial terpenes globally for no other reason than his or her current residential address.

Doesn't that sound a bit strange to you?

Restricting Medicines

Restricting access to medicine ...

Almost Un-constitutional, isn't it?

And, with patients in Arizona paying anywhere from $75 to $90 USD for an eighth (1/8th) of an ounce of medicine ...

Don't you think it is time that we allow ALL patients the right to grow, stash, and cure their own medicines?

Make Contact

The MMINAIL is dedicated to the preservation of the hard-earned rights of Medical patients.

Don't you think it is time that we allow ALL patients the right to grow, stash, and cure their own medicines?

We do at the MMINAIL.

Patient Rights

The Authority To Cultivate ...

"The right of a patient to grow up to twelve (12) state-legal Medicinal plants for their continued health and growth shall not be abridged."

When the voters of Arizona by the slimmest of majorities chose to grant Medicinal access to qualified patients throughout the fifteen (15) counties of Arizona ...

No one expected the Arizona Health and Human Services Department to abscond with both the patients' then given Authority To Cultivate as well as overcharging for the costs to operate the Medicinal "green" card program.

But, they did ... on both accounts.


If you agree, then why don't you donate a little spare cash for the cause?

Or, a little of your coding time?

Or, simply contact your favorite Arizona State Senators and Congressional Representatives today!

Coding Community

If you are an expert in your field of specialty ...

Why not fork our Concept Library and create a new Topic of your choosing, or embellish upon an existing Topic.

Pull Requests

Send us a Pull Request.

Our team of coders will review your contribution and get back to you with a "thumbs up" ( or, "thumbs down" ).

Can You Contribute Code?

As we can now decipher the time spent by our functions at the code block level ...

How much of your coding time are you willing to invest in this project?

As we rely heavily upon contributions from the coding community, your contribution of code will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your effort and participation in our program to code the globe!

Can You Contribute Cash?

If you have enjoyed and benefited from this article ...

Then, why not drop a little change in our digital bucket at the Square Up - Cash Me donation portal.

As we can now spend the equivalent of our grandparents' monthly mortgage payment at our local Sunday football games ...

How much of your spare cash are you willing to invest in this project?

Starving Coders

As we rely heavily upon contributions from the coding community, your contribution of cash will be greatly appreciated.

Note. Your donation will help us fund our Starving Coders initiative through our Medcoin™ Crypto Currency Division.

Can You Contribute Ether?

As we have witnessed the exponential growth of Bitcoin (BTC) from 9 cents USD per coin ...

To over $18,000 USD per coin over the past nine (9) years.

Plus, the recent explosion of Ripple (XRP) from less than one-penny to over $2 USD.

How much of your spare Ether ( ETH ) are you willing to invest in this project?

As we rely heavily upon contributions from the coding community, your contribution of ether will be greatly appreciated, as well.

Public Hash

Simply scan the following QR Code to extract our Coinbase public hash address to send Gifts O Wei in support of our Medcoin™ Crypto Currency Project.

QR Code - Coinbase - Bus Card

No Warranty

Disclaimer. The author of this website has made every effort to ensure accuracy ...

However, the information contained in this website, and in its pages, is offered to the public without any warranty expressed or implied.

Therefore, the author of this website, and by extension its pages and content cannot be held liable for any damages that may be caused indirectly or directly by the software instructions or tutorials contained in the pages of this website.


The license and privacy policy pages ...

For further review, please see the License page and the Privacy Policy page of this website to clarify.

Screen Responsiveness

The pages of the Concept Library have been tested for mobile responsiveness.

The authors have determined the accuracies of the page renderings at both a portrait width of 360px and a landscape width of 640px.


Testing devices have included selections from the following list of devices ...

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7, 3rd Generation tablet

  • Virtual Galaxy S5 smartphone emulator

Kindle Tablets

On the Kindle tablet, both portrait and landscape renderings appear accurate.

Amazon Fire Phones

And, on the Amazon Fire phone, using automatic screen rotation, both portrait and landscape renderings appear accurate.

Foreign Language

The foreign language expression ¡Finito! can hold a translation from Spanish-To-English ...

Via the <title> tag.

Simply hover over the word in Spanish to reveal its English equivalent.

For example ...

Hovering over the Spanish phrase ¡Por ejemplo! reveals the English equivalent of "For Example".

Try it!


For an acronym to be visually effective when reading a line of text ...

The acronym must first be declared.

In addition, the acronym must stand out from the body of information.

To accomplish both of these objectives, the MMINAIL has selected Ashley Gold.

Ashley Gold

Ashley gold is a primary color within the registered Logo Badge of the Benefit corporation.

Whenever the end user spies a designated Acronym of Ashley Gold ...

Simply hover over the Acronym to reveal the underlying meaning embedded in the title element of the <abbr> tag.


The <abbr> tag can also be used to house Definitions as well as Acronyms.

As we have seen in the above referenced Ashley Gold definition ...

Whenever the end-user spies a designated Acronym or Definition of Ashley Gold color ...

Simply hover over the Acronym or Definition to reveal the underlying meaning embedded in the title element of the <abbr> tag.

Carriage Return

The carriage return, or ... ➡️

The carriage return is used extensively throughout the working repos of the Concept Library to prevent the overflow of raw code.

By preventing the overflow of raw code when rendering a code block, the view of the end-user avoids the slider effect.

And, by eliminating the slider effect, responsive views using other devices ie.) Kindle Fire HDX will maintain screen boundaries without overflow.

Site Monitoring

Note. The Http Headers of this repo are being monitored by Internet Supervision dot com.

Reproduction In Part

Most authors will allow for the reproduction of their works in part ...

When the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews is addressed.

As long as an appropriate citation is presented concurrent with the review, authors are generally receptive.

Therefore, please remember to provide a Link-back to the original author, or to the publisher of the original publication when citing.

Thank you for your consideration.

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