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Anxieties: Real or Repressed?

Welcome! This is the Anxieties page of the MMINAIL.

Anxieties Topic

The young Sigmund Freud portrait

Anxieties!: Real or Repressed?

Repression is the manipulation of the perception of an internal event.
Whereas, 'Denial' is the mental manipulation of an external event.

Source: (Kahn, 2002)

In addition, through 'transference' per Kahn, both patient AND analyst can absorb and reflect each other's 'unconscious'.

This little known fact has allowed for the quadrupling of our understanding of psycho-dynamics since the death of Freud in 1939.

"The interpretations of neurotic symptoms can primarily be derived from that period of childhood which is lost to adult consciousness, namely birth through age 5.

The resultant memories that become manifest later on in adult life as paranoid, histrionic traits." (Freud-Kahn, 2002)

The clinical definition of an ...

Anxiety Attack

... a feeling of helplessness in the face of a real (immediate) or perceived (latent) danger.

An (AA) can be initiated by the 'ego' when interacting with incoming stimuli from the external world and when contemplating the likely resultant response from the super-ego

Therefore, the primary question we all ask ourselves when confronted by an unconscious impulse, whether initiated as an impulse from our emotional 'id', or whether initiated by a subsequent knock from a previously repressed latent thought is thus:

Should the 'ego' authorize the engagement of the 'id' suggested activity or should the 'ego' authorize the activity of the unconscious 'repression' contrary to the risk-averse, loudspeaker, hazard warnings of the 'super-ego'? Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde

The loose, unconscious distortions of logic and reality that exist in the domain of the 'unconscious' that were disclosed by Freud and thereafter called the 'Primary Mental Processes' do start to act upon the human psyche during the developmental time frame of birth to age (7) in the form of impulses primarily related to the 'Pleasure Principle', specifically the response of 'pleasure Now!'. (Kahn, 2002)

In the tome 'Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde' (1886) by Robert Louis Stevenson , Mr Hyde, today known in psychoanalytical circles as Freud's 'id', begins to compete for dominance of the human psyche against the subject character of Dr Jekyll.

While in the personification of Dr Jekyll, the good Doctor's secondary mental processes (ie. his rigid conscious logic/reality framework and his delayed gratification response to the 'Pleasure Principle' impulses of the 'id') dominate.

However, when Dr Jekyll takes his potion, the 'id' in the form of Mr Hyde runs rampant! (Stevenson, 1886)

The 'Secondary Mental Processes' tend to become manifest in the human psyche during the developmental time frame of age (5) to age (25).

In Freud's 'ego', where the idyllic impulses of the 'Pleasure Principle' from the 'id' are considered, there is a constant battle being refined by the 'ego' in consideration of both the 'Pleasure Principle' impulse and the 'Reality Principle' input in full light from the stoic, ever over-arching, yet watchful eye of the 'super-ego'.

One of the paradoxical laws of the psyche that Freud was able to touch upon during his research and during his therapeutic 'listening' sessions with his clients was the axiom 'That which is repressed seeks expression'.

Yet, Freud found that the primary role of the 'ego' is, ironically, to keep that which has been repressed, repressed!

Especially if the 'super-ego' says 'Nyet!'.

How can such a repressed item, therefore, be there in the first place, so posits the 'super-ego'?

To un-repress the now emotionally 'charged', though latent thought, the patient must now go against his or her 'super-ego's' recommendation to keep the item repressed!

As well as the 'ego's' normal rebuffing tendency to keep the emotionally 'charged', though latent thought in the unconscious, never entering the realm of the peripheral consciousness, or 'pre-conscious' per Freud.

As an interesting sidenote to this discussion, Mr Stevenson in fact wrote his tome 'pre-Freud' incorporating a 'magic potion' as the methodology that Dr Jekyll then imbibed to induce the personification of the traits of Mr Hyde, the future Mr Freud's image of the 'id' run wild!

Short-term therapies-beginning in the late 1950s and accelerating through the 1990s such as medication via 'Psychotropic Pharmaceuticals' undermine our 'God-given' natural defense against the anxieties of life, namely the wonderful cannabinoids and terpenoids produced within the calyx of the maturing female Cannabis plant.

Still, Freud tells us that ALL defenses against anxiety can potentially lead to one form of mental illness, or another.

For example, the ingestion of phytocannabinoids can lead to psychological dependence via the simple act of rolling a splif (a form of 'crutch') if not administered and monitored properly as part of a psycho-dynamic regimen of multiple therapy sessions planned and designed to unblock the source of the underlying malady.

By discovering in the caves of your unconscious, the repression-enigma so wrapped in a riddle, then once unwrapped the allowance of the curing flow of life will help to cleanse the psyche and enable the user (patient) to perform the functions of life at a higher level for longer periods of time between treatments.

The benefits of psycho-dynamic therapy extend well beyond symptom relief as patients actually display continued improvement, as well.

However, the benefits of newer therapies often start to decay after treatment ends.

More to come ...

Maladaptive Defense Mechanisms

: Anxiety, be Gone!

Projection Defense

The manipulation of both an internal repression and an external perception is called a 'projection'.

To prevent anxiety, we first repress an internal impulse from the 'id' (ie. hate).

To complete the defense, we then 'project' the manifestation of the internal impulse (ie. anger) onto an external being.

Thus, the external being (ie. a co-worker) becomes the object of 'anger' and is then mis-perceived to be angry at you.

Other Defense Mechanisms
  • Reaction Formation
  • Identifying With The Aggressor
  • Displacement (Turning Against The Self)
Guilt: The Torment of the 'Super-ego'

Our natural human tendencies to be selfish and aggressive need to be tempered by a off-setting sense of 'altruism'.

To fear an 'External Authority' requires a cultural re-working of our internal 'super-ego'.

The 'super-ego', therefore, must become our omnipresent, over-arching, and threatening super-authority.

Our 'God' then, must reside within our 'super-ego' to regulate our behavior so civilization does not spin out of control into chaos.

The punishment for not 'obeying' your 'super-ego' is the internal feelings of 'guilt' and 'remorse'.

Your parents are your first most powerful objects of 'identification' per Freud.

When emerging from phase I and phase II of the 'Oediplex' resolution, a child etches the experience into his or her 'super-ego'.

However, unlike an external authority that can only punish you for your manifested external wayward actions, the 'super-ego' resides in an area of your brain that is under the sway of the 'primary processes' (the 'unconscious' abode of dangerous 'jinn') and only occasionally 'blinks' into your consciousness when there is a requirement, or if you conduct a conscious search of your 'super-ego' in an effort to inventory it's contents.

Because there is no logical separation of impulses in the 'unconscious', and there is no distinction made between 'past' and 'present' and 'future' events, there is no difference in the 'super-ego', for example, between 'lust in the heart' and 'lust made manifest'.

Both are equally subject to instant ramification, guilt, and remorse by the 'super-ego'.

In short, you will be tortured from the 'inside-out' should your 'ego' decide to break one of your 'super-ego' rules.

Now, you understand the agony of Darwin.

A religious man, who spent many of his middle years reconciling the events of his younger man adventures, only to finally publish his theory on the 'Origin of the Species' and 'The Tree of Life' years after he had already turned fifty.

But, this 'remorse' that we feel for merely the thought of breaking the slightest rule of the 'super-ego' is a form of 'silent guilt' that builds, one repetitive thought upon the other.

Yes, we feel it, but where from it originated, we haven't the slightest clue.

Why so? Because the 'flogging' of the 'ego' by the 'super-ego' for repressing the fully charged impulse that created the latent repression (the 'enigma' wrapped in a 'riddle') occurs in the 'unconscious' where the 'thought' of breaking the rules of the 'super-ego' originated, and where the 'punishment' by the 'super-ego' is thus meted out.

The bottom line:

In exchange for living in an interdependent world of persons, and attempting to stabilize our societies, we as individuals have evolutionarily exchanged a bit 'ego happiness' for a bit of 'super-ego guilt'.

Sources: Basic Freud', The Austrian (1856 - 1939) by Michael Kahn, Ph.D., (2002) University of California at Santa Cruz, (Ch. 6 'Anxiety', Ch. 7 'The Defense Mechanisms', Ch. 8 'Guilt', Pgs. 106 - 154) Perseus:Basic Books, New York, NY USA, ISBN 0-465-03715-1


'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' by Robert Lewis Stevenson (1850 - 1894) as edited by Jerz, Dennis G., (2000) Compile'd by: ♑ Robert Hempaz, PhD. TrichometryVisit: Cannabuds Grow Store ======================

More to come

More to come ...

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Psychological Repression

The unconscious can becomes manifest through...per Freud

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