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Read Arizona Senate Bill SB 1337 ( #2017, 53rd Arizona Legislative Convocation, 1st regular session ) aka the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

53rd Legislative Convocation, 1st Session

From the 2nd Monday of January #2017 ( Jan 9th ) through the Saturday of the last week in which the 100th calendar day falls in #2017 ( May 10th ) the Arizona Senate ( 30 members ) and Arizona House of Representatives ( 60 members ) were in official session.

Given. At anytime during this time span, Governor Ducey (R) - Az could have come down from his Executive perch and consulted with the bi-partisan co-sponsors of SB 1337 commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.


Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli (R) of Lake Havasu, representing Arizona's State Legislative District #5


Arizona State Senator Lisa Otondo (D) of Yuma, representing Arizona's State Legislative District #4.

But, the Governor did not.

Take Back Four-Twenty

Arizona Hemp: The Scandal of #2017 | via the MMINAIL Concept Library

Continued ...

Instead, the Governor took money lessons from the prohibition group known as "Take Back Four-Twenty" to be the Keynote Speaker at their latest function being held in Atlanta, GEORGIA.

The event was sponsored by a nascent Prohibitive group known as S.A.M. and was held at the swank - posh Westin Peachtree Plaza located in downtown Atlanta, GEORGIA.

As a result of this affiliation, Governor Ducey failed to approve a bill that ALL of his #GOP controlled State Senators approved of ...!

Namely, SB 1337 ... Commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

Hemp Hysteria

Governor Ducey apparently still expounds, in the year #2017 ...

A full eighty (80) years AFTER its initiation by fear-mongering, anti-color groups ...

The same spew and tactics that originally placed hemp in the "illegal and dangerous" category a-way back during deliberations ...

For the then, now infamous, and since deemed unconstitutional ... Marijuana Stamp Act of '37 ... that was then placed on President Roosevelt's desk!

For which he then signed into law!

"Arizona is still a place where common sense works", said Governor Ducey when addressing the crowd at the S.A.M. convention.

But, where was this convention being held while our State Senators and State Representatives were in a PAID session here in Arizona a-hammering out our hemp farming bill?

The convention, and by extension Governor Ducey ... went AWOL in Atlanta, GEORGIA!

Atlanta, GEORGIA - 'The South'

What the hell was our Arizona governor doing at a Pot Prohibition rally in Atlanta, GEORGIA on April 20th, #2017 ( aka 4/20 ) during a PAID legislative session out west here at home, as reported by our friends over at Buzz Feed News ???

Who in the hell paid for the Governor's trip to Atlanta?

Was this financed with public money during a PAID legislative session?

Or, did the Governor pay for this trip from the almost $8,000 per month salary he earns FROM THE VOTERS OF ARIZONA for running the Executive branch of our Great State?

Was the Governor's trip to Atlanta, GEORGIA financed with "Hush Money" from Prohibitive proponents such as Chandler based, Arizona Insys?

You know, that notorious and nefarious corporation that spent a half-million dollars ( $500,000 USD ) attempting to kill Arizona's nascent Recreational cannabis market before the November #2016 General Election as reported by Ray Stern of the Phoenix New Times?

Twitter Tweets

Governor Ducey then went on to thank via Twitter from his podium in Atlanta, GEORGIA ...

A-la Donald Trump of New York @learnaboutsam run by small potatoes CEO Kevin Sabet "for your work on this critical issue".

Even while the Arizona State Senate was hard at work back at home crafting and amending FOR THE PEOPLE, SB 1337 in order to send the completed legislation to the Governor's desk for his signature prior to the constitutional one-hundred (100) day cut-off period for the then current legislative session!

Governor Ducey says he does this stodgy, old, misguided and now thoroughly debunked "Prohibition thing" ... "for the children".

Yet, his cohorts at the STATE of GEORGIA chortled it best ... "We’re doubling down,” Sabet said. “This is all about the money now.”

Follow The Money

You never really did give a Sh't about the farmers and potential farmers, indoors or outdoors, or the Cancer patients who are located in the Great State of Arizona that could benefit from additional CBD, a medicinal byproduct of the hemp plant, now did you Governor Ducey?

No, you didn't!

Is this how we wish for our Arizona State tax dollars to be spent?

On conventions in GEORGIA?

During our PAID legislative sessions out West here in Arizona?

By our elected Executive leading the charge for outdated, worthless, and mindless Prohibition on your dime at the expense of your then in session legislature who were hard at work HERE IN ARIZONA while your Governor danced and pranced for the microphones and for Twitter in Atlanta, GEORGIA!

During an EXPENSIVE trip to the home territories of the Ku Klux Klan and now US Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions?

I don't think so!

What exactly did the former (12) year CEO of Kahala-Cold Stone Creamery ( now owned by some outfit out of Montreal, CANADA ) ...

Who is, by the way, the now sitting Governor of our Great State of Arizona!

What is this politician doing?

A-going AWOL deep inside the South, while his Arizona State Senators out West grapple for guidance from their now vacant Executive branch ...

Only to be slapped in their collective faces with a VETO on a bill they all voted for UNANIMOUSLY to pass?

Very strange, indeed!

Congressional Support

Governor Ducey knew the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, commonly known as SB 1337 enjoyed wide congressional support from both the Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona Senate PLUS the majority of Arizona voters!

Yet, the Governor still decided to PRIVATELY VETO the legislation!

Fact. On Friday, May 5th, #2017 ... SB 1337 passed the Arizona State Senate with a unanimous vote of twenty-nine (29) 'yea' votes, ZERO 'nay' votes, and one (1) State Senator John Kavanagh not present, a Republican from Arizona State Legislative District #23 representing the City of Fountain Hills.

Note. State Senator Kavanagh has since clarified his previous vote FOR SB 1337 in February of #2017, but was not able to vote in May of #2017 due to a business commitment, thus registering a rare 'NV' in the final State Senate Roll Call Vote of SB 1337, commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

This additional fact makes the vote for SB 1337 in the Arizona State Senate even MORE UNANIMOUS!

The Roll Call

What transpires next is the alphabetical roll-call result from the Friday, May 5th, #2017 Arizona State Senate vote that catapulted SB 1337 onto Arizona Governor Ducey's desk for signature ... or, for as in this case ... a VETO ...!

Full Disclosure. Sixteen (16) years ago, in March of #2001 ... State Senator Borrelli was arrested locally on one count of Domestic Violence stemming from an altercation with his now ex-wife.

After pleading guilty to a lesser offense as part of a plea bargain, State Senator Borrelli was sentenced to ten (10) days in jail, of which he served (1) day before being released under a court ordered supervision of one-year of probation, plus a $400 fine with the stipulation that he successfully undergo Anger Management classes, as well.

The court order has since elapsed after State Senator Borrelli complied with the terms of the order.

In the State of Arizona, charges such as these are generally expunged from the record of the individual upon successful mitigation of the events leading up to the incidence.

No additional charges of Domestic Violence alleged or otherwise has been incurred by State Senator Borrelli over the fifteen (15) year period of time since his release and divorce.

State Senator Lisa Otondo from Arizona State Legislative District #4 representing Yuma, the other bi-partisan co-sponsor of SB 1337 has no such record to disclose.

Senatorial Salaries

Each of the (90) members of the Arizona State Congress earns a $24,000 annual salary in performance of their duties.

Both in session, and out of session ... it doesn't matter ... each State Senator earns his $24,000 annual salary paid monthly.

Plus, various types of stipend reimbursements that are allowed and paid on behalf of the State Senators, and are paid out under separate cover.

But, not for trips to the STATE OF GEORGIA to address the Twitter crowds about raising money for HEMP PROHIBITION, the very item your STATE SENATORS voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass!

Now, the aggregate tab for just the salaries of Arizona's State Congressmen and Congresswomen is around $2 million dollars annually.

That's right! (90) multiplied by $24,000 equals $2,160,000 USD.

That's $2 million dollars, people!

Do you feel like you are getting your money's worth?

Did I mention, the Governor of Arizona also receives an annual salary of $95,000 USD, as well?

How are things going for you there?

You really can't put the blame on your favorite whipping boys and girls this time.

Fact. Your Arizona State Senators have voted UNANIMOUSLY to allow Hemp Farming in Arizona!

And, unless called by the Governor into a special session under Article IV, Section 3 of the Arizona Constitution ...

What you see, is what you get ...

At least going into NEXT year's official legislative session, Arizona's #53rd and 2nd regular session that starts in January #2018 ...!

Sine Die

As noted above, this year's official Legislative Session, also part of Arizona's #53rd convocation, the 1st regular session ... concluded 'sine die' on May 10th, #2017.

' Sine die ' is a legal latin term that describes an official adjournment ... "Without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing."

Because Arizona's State Senators and State Representatives are elected to two-year terms, Arizona concluded its 2nd regular session of the #52nd official convocation in May of #2016 prior to the General Election of November #2016.

To sum, the #52nd official Arizona Legislative convocation included both a 1st regular session that ended ' Sine die ' in April of #2015, and a 2nd regular session that also concluded ' Sine die ' in May of #2016.

Dear Governor Ducey ...

We have heard you say time and time again that you have special 'Libertarian' values running through your bloodstream.

Official Barry Goldwater type 'Libertarian' values, I might add ... Is what you call them.

I suppose you picked up this 'Libertarian' streak when you attended high school at St John's Jesuit Academy in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo, Ohio.

However, AFTER the 1st regular session of the #53rd Arizona Legislative Convocation ended on May 10th, #2017 ... You had to make a decision, now ... didn't you Governor Ducey?

But, forget the myriads of Cancer patients who emigrate to Arizona from other states of our union to seek out relief in the form of CBD, the hemp plant's primary constituent.

Oh! No!

You could have ordered the State Legislature back into session under Article IV, Section 3 of our Arizona Constitution to help hammer out the parts of SB 1337 you are in disagreement with.

We know you don't publicly agree with the science even though you possess an advanced degree in Finance from Arizona State University.

Au contraire, what you didn't approve of was your State Senators taking a stand FOR CANCER PATIENTS!

All the way up to that fateful day of Monday, May 22nd, #2017 ... a day that will live in infamy ... Up to that moment in time when you decided to VETO SB 1337, up to just a day ago ... just sitting there on your desk to ponder ...

After BOTH chambers of the Trifecta - Republican dominated State Legislature had decided to PASS SB 1337 commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017!

But, NO!

You decide to VETO SB 1337 commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 ...

AFTER giving ALL of Arizona's current and prospective farmers, both indoors and outdoors PLUS her Cancer patients ...

A stiff "How Do You Do? ...!

Libertarian Away!

To accomplish this act of remorseful political idiocracy, you had to depart from those core 'Libertarian' values that you so willfully espouse, now didn't you Governor Ducey?

Yes, you did!

You Sh't all over Senator Sonny Borrelli's hallmark legislation, a fellow dedicated, conservative Republican like yourself, now didn't you Governor Ducey?

For those of you NOT in the know, Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli is a retired US Marine and Gunnery Sergeant that hails from Arizona's 5th Legislative District in Mohave County, Arizona representing the City of Lake Havasu.

The City of Lake Havasu is the new home of England's historic London Bridge that now spans the lake formed upstream of the Parker Dam that sits downstream from the border of Arizona and Nevada ( formed by the gigantic Hoover Dam ).

Lake Havasu City Az London Bridge

By vetoing Senator Borrelli’s hallmark legislation ... The Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 commonly known as Senate Bill SB 1337, a bill that would have STRENGTHENED Arizona’s agricultural economy!

You stuck a pitch-fork in the back of every current and prospective farmer doing business in the Great State of Arizona.

Both indoors and outdoors, as well as every Cancer patient that moves to Arizona for herbal treatment under the guidance of their homeopathic doctor, now didn't you Governor Ducey?

Yes, you did, Governor Ducey!

Lack of Funding

For your information, State Senator Borrelli has been endorsed by Barry Goldwater, Jr., by Lake Havasu Mayor Mark Nexsen, by the Mayor of Kingman, Arizona ... the county seat of Mohave County, by La Paz County Sheriff Drum, by the Arizona Manufacturers Council who voted Senator Sonny Borelli as the Hero and Champion Legislator of the Year in #2015, by the Arizona Chapter of the Americans for Prosperity, and the list goes on and on of people who feel State Senator Borelli is a stand-up guy and back his judgment impeccably.

In your letter detailing your horrendously managed VETO of Senator Borrelli's landmark legislation, you claim your decision was due to a 'lack of funding' for the program?

First off, this is a PUBLIC program to be administered by the Arizona Department of Agriculture!

This is the same reason you gave when railing against Arizona's Prop #205 in Nov of #2016 that would have set up a regulated recreational market for cannabis in the Great State of Arizona.

You said the proposed funding for that program then ... even though it would have set up executive oversight handled by YOUR branch of the State Government, the Executive Branch ... was "way too net expensive", which was a FALSE assertion.

Now, you VETO the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 commonly known as SB 1337 for a purported 'lack of funding'' for THAT program, too!

Even though the program would have given a much needed boost to the health and pocketbooks of Arizona's farmers and patients!

Industrial Hemp Trust Fund

Did not the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, commonly known as SB 1337 have a clause setting up both an 'Industrial Hemp Trust Fund' as well as an initial 'Legislative Funding' to the tune of $422,000 cash to be appropriated from the state General Fund in fiscal year 2017-2018?

Specifically for the Arizona Dept of Agriculture to carry out its duties that are spelled out within the now vetoed bill?

So, why did you REALLY veto Senator Sonny's landmark legislation, Governor Ducey?

Scholaric - Scholeric

Was the legislation too PROGRESSIVE for your Sclerotic mind?

Governor Ducey, with or without you, industrial hemp is a great boon to Arizona’s economy.

The fact that you have failed to perform your duty as Governor is glaring.

The Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 commonly known as SB 1337 is NOT a boondoggle as your 'head-in-the-sand' compatriots who always seem to run for cover claiming false and fictitious reasons for NOT supporting the growing of hemp in Arizona do expound!

But, HERE in the Great State of ARIZONA ... HERE in this case... Your fellow Trifecta dominated Republican legislature SENT YOU THIS BILL for your approval signature.

Yet, you could not perform this one simple task!

And, in the process, or the "anti-process" you SH'T all over the prominent members of your own political party, the #GOP.

Now, DIDN'T you Governor Ducey?

Your decision to VETO the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 commonly known as SB 1337 will result in LESS job creation, and will lead to LESS opportunity for our Arizona small business farmers and patients, now won't it, Governor Ducey?

Did you even READ the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 commonly known as SB 1337, Governor Ducey?

For if you did, you would know ...

The bill clearly states in the following Preamble ...

SB 1337 Preamble


Well, it's now too late for you to reconsider your position on this issue and to return to work with our elected Senators and Representatives to bring this important new economic driver to our Great State of Arizona.

But, I have to ask you Governor ... Which State do you now currently represent?

For which State are you the CURRENT elected Executive, Governor Ducey?

People, farmers, voters, patients and your fellow government officials WILL NOT ALL remember this fateful decision of yours to VETO State Senator Borrelli's and State Senator Otondo's bi-partisan Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, commonly known as SB 1337 ...

But, a lot of them will!

When it is time for you to come to call for MONEY to get yourself Re-elected at the November #2018 General Election, we will remember this VETO and the slap in the face you have given ALL hard-working Arizonans!

Arizona Senate Roll Call Vote = 29-0-1

Note. The following Arizona Senate Roll Call Vote took place on the 10th of May, #2017 ... One (1) day after the Arizona House of Representatives performed their Roll Call Vote.

The Roll Call Vote was for the final passage of SB 1337, commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

Going into the vote, SB 1337 had been sent back to the Arizona Senate by the Arizona House of Representatives where, as amended, the bill enjoyed wide bi-partisan support with only two (2) of sixty (60) Representatives voicing their dissent with a 'Nay' vote.

Only two (2) out of sixty (60) ...!

Plus, the State Senate then followed up and produced NO DISSENT whatsoever!

ZERO (0) out of thirty (30) ...!

That is unprecedented in today's modern state legislatures.

Fifty-three (53) State Representatives and twenty-nine (29) State Senators out of a total of ninety (90) #GOP Trifecta dominated state legislators in Arizona voted 'Yea' for Hemp Farming in the Great State of Arizona!

Note. There were five (5) abstentions in the State House of Representatives and, as reported, only one (1) abstention in the State Senate.

That is MORE bi-partisan support for Arizona's Hemp Farmers and Cancer Patients than the entire State of California enjoyed after passage of their Recreational cannabis measure in #2016!

For your perusal, Governor Ducey ... Here is the list of Arizona State Senators that unanimously voted FOR SB 1337.

The lone exception, as mentioned above, being State Senator Kavanagh of Fountain Hills who was not present, but had previously voted FOR SB 1337 in February of #2017 and was simply not able to vote in May of #2017.

Thus, the "nv" designation next to State Senator Kavanagh's name during the final roll call vote in May of #2017 is actually an ANOMALY.

  1. Arizona State Senator ALLEN S: Yea
  2. Arizona State Senator BARTO: Yea
  3. Arizona State Senator BORRELLI ( co-sponsor ): Yea
  4. Arizona State Senator BOWIE: Yea
  5. Arizona State Senator BRADLEY: Yea
  6. Arizona State Senator BROPHY MCGEE: Yea
  7. Arizona State Senator BURGES: Yea
  8. Arizona State Senator CAJERO BEDFORD: Yea
  9. Arizona State Senator CONTRERAS: Yea
  10. Arizona State Senator DALESSANDRO: Yea
  11. Arizona State Senator FANN: Yea
  12. Arizona State Senator FARLEY: Yea
  13. Arizona State Senator FARNSWORTH D: Yea
  14. Arizona State Senator GRIFFIN: Yea
  15. Arizona State Senator HOBBS: Yea
  16. Arizona State Senator KAVANAGH: nv
  17. Arizona State Senator LESKO: Yea
  18. Arizona State Senator MENDEZ: Yea
  19. Arizona State Senator MEZA: Yea
  20. Arizona State Senator MIRANDA: Yea
  21. Arizona State Senator MONTENEGRO: Yea
  22. Arizona State Senator OTONDO ( co-sponsor ): Yea
  23. Arizona State Senator PESHLAKAI: Yea
  24. Arizona State Senator PETERSEN: Yea
  25. Arizona State Senator PRATT: Yea
  26. Arizona State Senator QUEZADA: Yea
  27. Arizona State Senator SMITH: Yea
  28. Arizona State Senator WORSLEY: Yea
  29. Arizona State Senator YEE: Yea
  30. Arizona State Senator YARBROUGH: Yea

Source: Arizona State Senate

Arizona House Roll Call Vote = 53-2-5

On May 9th, #2017 YOUR Arizona House of Representatives voted to PASS OVERWHELMINGLY, with only two dissenting Representatives, the Amended version of SB 1337, commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

Note. The two lone dissenting voices were from the Arizona House Representatives.

Namely, State Representative Boyer of Arizona State Legislative District #20 and State Representative Townsend of Arizona State Legislative District #16.

Both Representatives voted 'Nay', plus the Governor's veto, of course.

That results in only three (3) of our elected officials that earn a salary directly sanctioned by the VOTERS OF ARIZONA, out of a total of ninety-one (91) elected officials, that are currently AGAINST Hemp Farming in Arizona.

That's miniscule, people!

Only 3/91 or 3% are opposed to Hemp Farming in Arizona!

Fact. 97% of our elected officials voted 'Yea' for SB 1337, commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

Unfortunately, the way our form of government works, however, one of those (3) dissenters could turn out to be our elected Governor #PRK Ducey (R- Az)!

Not unlike the King of Diamonds when playing cards aka "The Man With The Ax", the Governor of Arizona holds VETO POWER over all legislation that can then itself be overturned by a State Legislature so willing!

For your perusal, Governor Ducey ... Here is the list of State Representatives from the Arizona House of Representatives that OVERWHELMINGLY voted FOR SB 1337.

  1. Arizona State Representative Allen: Yea
  2. Arizona State Representative Alston: Yea
  3. Arizona State Representative Andrade: Yea
  4. Arizona State Representative Barton: Yea
  5. Arizona State Representative Benally: Abstain
  6. Arizona State Representative Blanc: Yea
  7. Arizona State Representative Bolding: Yea
  8. Arizona State Representative Bowers: Yea
  9. Arizona State Representative Boyer: Nay
  10. Arizona State Representative Butler: Yea
  11. Arizona State Representative Campbell: Yea
  12. Arizona State Representative Cardenas: Yea
  13. Arizona State Representative Carter: Yea
  14. Arizona State Representative Chávez: Yea
  15. Arizona State Representative Clark: Yea
  16. Arizona State Representative Clodfelter: Yea
  17. Arizona State Representative Cobb: Yea
  18. Arizona State Representative Coleman: Yea
  19. Arizona State Representative Cook: Yea
  20. Arizona State Representative Descheenie: Abstain
  21. Arizona State Representative Engel: Yea
  22. Arizona State Representative Epstein: Abstain
  23. Arizona State Representative Espinoza: Yea
  24. Arizona State Representative Farnsworth: Yea
  25. Arizona State Representative Fernandez: Yea
  26. Arizona State Representative Finchem: Yea
  27. Arizona State Representative Friese: Yea
  28. Arizona State Representative Gabaldón: Yea
  29. Arizona State Representative Gonzales: Yea
  30. Arizona State Representative Grantham: Yea
  31. Arizona State Representative Hernandez: Abstain
  32. Arizona State Representative John: Yea
  33. Arizona State Representative Kern: Yea
  34. Arizona State Representative Lawrence: Yea
  35. Arizona State Representative Leach: Yea
  36. Arizona State Representative Livingston: Yea
  37. Arizona State Representative Martinez: Yea
  38. Arizona State Representative Mitchell: Yea
  39. Arizona State Representative Mosley: Abstain
  40. Arizona State Representative Navarette: Yea
  41. Arizona State Representative Norgaard: Yea
  42. Arizona State Representative Nutt: Yea
  43. Arizona State Representative Payne: Yea
  44. Arizona State Representative Powers-Hannley: Yea
  45. Arizona State Representative Riosy: Yea
  46. Arizona State Representative Rivero: Yea
  47. Arizona State Representative Rubalcava: Yea
  48. Arizona State Representative Saldate: Yea
  49. Arizona State Representative Salman: Yea
  50. Arizona State Representative Shooter: Yea
  51. Arizona State Representative Shope: Yea
  52. Arizona State Representative Stringer: Yea
  53. Arizona State Representative Syms: Yea
  54. Arizona State Representative Thorpe: Yea
  55. Arizona State Representative Toma: Yea
  56. Arizona State Representative Townsend: Nay
  57. Arizona State Representative Udall: Yea
  58. Arizona State Representative Ugenti-Rita: Yea
  59. Arizona State Representative Weninger: Yea
  60. Arizona State Representative Mesnard: Yea

Source: Arizona House of Representatives

In Closing

Sincerely yours,

Your Proud Arizona Voters and Representatives who SUPPORT Senator Borrelli's landmark legislation, the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, commonly known as SB 1337.

SB 1337 was designed to "Create a Clear Path for the Creation of Jobs" for ALL Arizonans including Arizona's huge and growing population of US Military VETERANS!

But, you Sh't all over SB 1337, now didn't you Governor Ducey!

Yes ... you did!

Make Aye Contact

Please contact ...

Arizona State Senator Borrelli (R) - Arizona, State Legislative District #5


Arizona State Senator Lisa Otondo (D) - Arizona, State Legislative District #4

Today! To express your sympathy and condolences for the DASTARDLY VETO performed by Governor Ducey over the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 commonly known as SB 1337 ....

The foolish VETO was handed out by the Governor yesterday on the 22nd of May, #2017 by Arizona's now #22nd and, counting ... Governor - Executive #PRK Ducey.

Write Your State Senator

Links to the Arizona State Senate email program have been provided for each State Senator casting a vote FOR SB 1337, which is ALL of them!

Including State Senator Kavanagh of Fountain Hills, who though registering an 'nv' in the May #2017 final State Senate roll call vote due to an absence caused by a conflict in his personal work schedule at the time, nevertheless had also voted FOR SB 1337 previously in Feb of #2017, pre-amendment by the State House of Representatives.

Simply click on the name of each State Senator from the Roll Call vote tabulation above to be hyperlinked to a landing page where you may type a message to your favorite State Senator.

Here is a sample letter that you can send to your State Senator announcing your disgust of Governor Ducey's decision to Veto SB 1337, commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

Sample Letter

Hello State Senator [ NAME ]:

I am sorry to hear our morally corrupt Governor Ducey failed to sign your wonderful, bipartisan, overwhelmingly approved SB 1337 commonly known as the Arizona Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017.

Not to worry, though. Your friends in the digital press have your back.

We are going to light up the entire nation to the fallacy that Governor Ducey has demonstrated he is ...

By vetoing your fine piece of collaborative work?

Who in his or her right mind punts a piece of legislation that the entire STATE SENATE endorsed?

For the nitty gritty behind the scenes view of the events that led up to his VETO of YOUR legislation, please check out the subject article our team has written about the affair now available for instant download at our working repository at GitHub.

Thank you again for your superb effort, State Senator [ NAME ].

With the #GOP currently splintered nationally over the crisis at the White House in Washington, DC ...

It is nice to see you all working together here at the capitol in Arizona to achieve a common goal for us all.

Here's the link to that article ...


Sincerely yours,

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

Note. Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli can also be contacted via his Facebook Page.

Ditto for Arizona State Senator Lisa Otondo ... via her Facebook Page, as well.

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Foreign Language

The foreign language expression ¡Finito! can hold a translation from Spanish-To-English ...

Via the <title> tag.

Simply hover over the word in Spanish to reveal its English equivalent.

For example ...

Hovering over the Spanish phrase ¡Por ejemplo! reveals the English equivalent of "For Example".

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For an acronym to be visually effective when reading a line of text ...

The acronym must first be declared.

In addition, the acronym must stand out from the body of information.

To accomplish both of these objectives, the MMINAIL has selected Ashley Gold.

Ashley Gold

Ashley gold is a primary color within the registered Logo Badge of the Benefit corporation.

Whenever the end user spies a designated Acronym of Ashley Gold ...

Simply hover over the Acronym to reveal the underlying meaning embedded in the title element of the <abbr> tag.


The <abbr> tag can also be used to house Definitions as well as Acronyms.

As we have seen in the above referenced Ashley Gold definition ...

Whenever the end-user spies a designated Acronym or Definition of Ashley Gold color ...

Simply hover over the Acronym or Definition to reveal the underlying meaning embedded in the title element of the <abbr> tag.

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Site Monitoring

Note. The Http Headers of this repo are being monitored by Internet Supervision dot com.

Reproduction In Part

Most authors will allow for the reproduction of their works in part ...

When the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews is addressed.

As long as an appropriate citation is presented concurrent with the review, authors are generally receptive.

Therefore, please remember to provide a Link-back to the original author, or to the publisher of the original publication when citing.

Thank you for your consideration.

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