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Welcome! This is the Client-facing Home page for the MMINAIL Central Live Repository.


The goal of the Central Live Repository (CLR) at the MMINAIL ...

Is to create a Client-facing portal that will encompass all of the company's Central Working Repo (CWR) located at GitHub.

Click to Fork the MMINAIL Central Workng Repo ( CWR ) at Github and to send us a Pull Request.

Medical Marijuana Initiative

In a connective cartography of ideas and hyperlinks spanning the entire connectome of the modern Medical Marijuana Initiative ...

The open source authors of this project hope to enlighten the world to the plight of the common medical patient.

Due to a labyrinth of government regulations and costs, today's common medical patient is virtually devoid of healing phyto-cannabinoids and other beneficial terpenes globally for no other reason than his or her current residential address.

The World of Coding

Along the way, the reader may find pertinent tips on coding, as well, that could tip the balance of knowledge power in his or her favor.

Working Donations

If you find this Live Central Repo beneficial ...

Then, hurry on over to our Donation   page post haste for a link to our Cash Me account located at Square Up.


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